Top Shelf Spirits

House Specialties

Kahootz's Bloody Mary… $9.50

Made from Scratch with Grey Goose Vodka and finished with all the savory extras including bacon!

Top Shelf Long Island… $13

Also called The Crusher. We think we just may have perfected this recipe, but it's a strong one, be careful!

Main Street Margarita… $10.50

Constructed from the ground up with our House Recipe and Cazadores. This Margarita is sure to please!

The Kahootz Mule… $7

Sparkling Ginger Beer and Grey Goose poured over ice along with Fresh Squeezed Lime In a Glass!

Patron-egranate Punch… $10.50

It's all in the name. Sparling Pomegranate over Silver Patron that delivers a punch!

Blueberry Bliss… $6.50

Muddled Blueberries with Vodka and Lemonade finished with a splash of OJ & Grenadine!

Hot Toddy… $8.50

Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, Apple Pie Liqueur, Fernet Branca & Hot Water. Finished with a Dash of Cinnamon!

Black Gold… $6

Jameson Cask Mates, Half Shot of Kahlua and a Dash of Angostura Bitters, garnished with a flamed orange twist!